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Craft Beer Bionda 750ml – Collesi

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Organoleptic Properties

  • From “munich” barley, this unpasteurized ale beer, naturally refermented in the bottle, shows a very fine-grain, rich and creamy foam and good perlage. Its hallmarks are a pronounced aroma of hops in bloom and malt and fruity notes, with the fragrances of yeast, vanilla, warm bread crust and honey. ABV: 6%


Pairing Suggestions 

  • To combine with first courses or fish recipes.


About Collesi

  • The passion comes from Giuseppe Collesi, who is taking its beers to every part of the world – from the United States to Japan, from Russia to Northern Europe – along with a constant and continuous growth. The experience comes from Belgian master brewers, who right from the start has worked to achieve a perfectly balanced beer with great appeal, true to the Belgian Trappist brewing traditions of which he is one of the foremost exponents.Finally, and certainly no less important, the ingredients. The fine organoleptic qualities of Collesi beer are also the result of the brewery’s prime geographical location. The hard limestone water from Mount Nerone is one of Europe’s finest for brewing, adding precious value. The barley is grown in the Collesi family’s own fields, and after being malted at the Marche regional malthouse returns to the brewery as malt to be used in beer-making. A truly local brew with truly local ingredients!