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Did you know that there is a governing body protecting the culinary heritage of parma ham? Termed as the parma ham consortium, this body is responsible for ensuring that parma ham is produced according to the traditional cooking techniques. Presently, there are about 161 firms in Parma creating authentic Parma Ham. As a gourmet meat supplier, Carecci takes great pride in including parma ham in its fine selection of premium meats. Parma ham can be enjoyed in a number of ways – be it cooked or raw. Antipasto, for instance is usually savoured fresh and uncooked, whereas grissini, salads, sandwiches, croissants and melons can be accompanied with differing variations of parma ham. Apart from this, it can also be turned into pizza toppings and meat stuffings. If you’re eager to sample Italy’s culinary marvel – the parma ham, count on us at Carecci as your reliable meat supplier in Singapore to bring you some of the most delicious parma.


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