Grana Padano – Granarolo (Expiry Date: 31 March 2022)


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Granarolo’s Grana Padano
Semi-aged hard Italian cheese, grainy texture. Subtle sweet & nutty. It has been aged for at least 9 months. Color ranges from white to straw, taste from sweet to pungent (with age).


Serving Suggestion
Cheese platter or board with cold cuts, olives, vegetable, caviar. Complements Italian wines. Grated or shaved as toppings on pasta or carpaccio


The Granarolo Group represents the most important Italian milk distribution network, owned by associated producers organised as a cooperative. It includes about 1,000 milk producers, an organization for the collection of the milk directly from dairy farms by means of 70 vehicles and further more 1,200 vehicles for distribution. These transport 750 thousand tonnes per year and serve daily more than 60 thousand sales points where 11 million Italian families are buying Granarolo products. Granarolo is the leading producer of fresh milk in Italy.