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  • One-Stop Shop for Exclusive Italian Wine & Foods in Singapore

    Established in 1990, Carecci is an online, wholesale Italian food supplier that delivers the best Italian produce right to your doorstep. With Italy being one of the leading global producers of wine, at Carecci, we tap on this to promote traditional Italian wines and food delicacies with its product range. More than a mere wine shop, we make premium-quality gourmet items like mozzarella and burrata cheeses accessible to our customers in Singapore through our network of Italian companies. Offering the finest and freshest selection online, grocery shopping for authentic Italian produce in Singapore is made easy with Carecci.

    Our Collection of Italian Wines

    Backed by 2000 years of viniculture, the Italians are probably the most well-informed connoisseurs of red wine today. From distinctive and simple Italian wines to full-bodied red wines, you can buy quality wine online from Carecci and have them delivered to your local address in Singapore. As a wholesale wine supplier, you can purchase celebrated wines including some of the best white wines and sparkling wines. In addition to this, we stock a curated range of classic Italian hard liquors such as Amaretto, Grappa, and Limoncello. Proud to be one of Singapore’s top wine distributors, make these stunning Italian varieties with complex tastes yours with our wine delivery services.

    Online Supermarket for Italian Food Delicacies

    Beyond being a wine supplier in Singapore, Carecci is an established wholefoods supplier too. We offer the masses a chance to shop from our curated range of wholesale foods available both on our online supermarket and wholesale platforms. Housing a diverse range of products from wholesale wine to food, Carecci is a one-stop shop for your favourite Italian groceries. Whether you run a restaurant or are simply looking to bring part of Italy to your home or establishment, we have a comprehensive array of pasta, cheeses, olive oil, truffles, wine vinegar, and more for your perusal and purchase.

    Promoting a Truly Italian Culture with Carecci

    Our complete range of wine and other groceries can be procured via our convenient online supermarket. Our grocery delivery services extend throughout Singapore, so if you’re an Italophile with a passion for groceries and produce from the cultural heart of Europe, there is no better place for you to shop than on our online supermarket. Browse through our extensive collection of Italian wines and wholesale foods and shop exclusive promotions while you’re at it. Add your favourite groceries to your cart online, state your preferred delivery date and time, and we’ll have your groceries delivered to you anywhere in Singapore. Prefer to pick your orders up? Order your authentic Italian groceries from our online supermarket and head to our Carecci outlet to pick them up within two working days.

Frequently Asked Questions about Carecci

Which online supermarket is best in Singapore?

This is highly dependent on your needs and the level of convenience you are looking for. If an online supermarket boasting a sophisticated range of authentic Italian food and offers delivery services across Singapore is what you are looking for, you can rest assured that Carecci has you covered. Catering to all your Italian gourmet needs at affordable prices without compromising on quality, shop our selection of premium-quality gourmet items and groceries online today.

How do I find food suppliers in Singapore?

Be it to start your food business venture or to stock up your pantry, finding wholesale suppliers in Singapore is made easy with Carecci, especially if you are looking for food suppliers that provide a comprehensive array of authentic Italian food. Providing quality products that are always in demand by independent restaurants, hotels, and the like, Carecci imports the highest quality food products directly from Italy and makes them available to our customers at affordable prices.

What can you buy in Italian supermarkets?

This depends on the online Italian supermarket you are shopping with. Typically, Italian supermarkets allow customers to enjoy some of the most amazing Italian products in the comforts of their homes - this includes everything from pasta to wine. At Carecci, we take things up a notch by being the go-to destination to source for authentic Italian foods in Singapore. With a range of imported goods tailored to the needs of the Singapore market, you can find different kinds of foods, from dry to perishables and even seasonal products.

Beyond Italian wine, what other groceries can I buy on Carecci?

Carecci houses famed Italian food items like Burrata cheese, truffles, and Parma ham. Popular Italian classics such as olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, olives, fresh pasta, and tomato products can also be bought from our online supermarket.

When will my grocery order be delivered?

When online grocery shopping on Carecci, you can choose your preferred delivery date and time with a 2-day lead time. Excluding Sundays and public holidays, you can expect your groceries to be delivered between 10 am to 4 pm. Contact us for more information.

Is grocery & wine delivery services by Carecci free?

Free delivery is available for orders above $160. For purchases below $160, a delivery charge of $35 will be applied.